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FanBrilliance: Killing Stalking

Anime killing stalking manhwa sangwoo yoon bum

Not sure if you've noticed but anime isn't always for kids despite it's perception because it's animated. I have this debate a lot and have a looong list of anime's that support this.

Plus a new one coming out that supports it the most; let's talk about Killing Stalking.


This one is a bit of a doozy and more than a little bit disturbing. A Korean manhwa comic about a hostage situation essentially. We follow Yoon Bum who is a mentally ill man, stalking a former classmate of his named Oh Sangwoo. Yoon Bum's obsession with Sangwoo goes back to high school where he had a crush on him and during their military service where Sangwoo saved Bum from being sexually assaulted. From there he stalked Sangwoo mainly through social media only to build up the courage to go to his house.

Well, try to break into it really.

During Bum's illegal activity a patrol car stops in front of Sangwoo's home, the one that Bum is trying to break into. It's an awkward show of the cops being suspicious and him trying to act as though he lives in the house he's breaking into until finally none other than Sangwoo opens the door and in a stunning turn of events helps the man who's trying to break and enter his home by covering for him with the cops, claiming that he knows Bum and inviting him in.

Here's where things take a turn.

After inviting Bum into his home, Sangwoo invites him to his basement.

Where he proceeds to push Bum down a flight of stairs. This sets off a particularly disturbing chain of events involving multiple instances of rape, captivity, murder, stock holm syndrome, abuse, and two broken ankles.

Killing Stalking has a very divided fandom. Some appreciate the horror and disturbing nature of the comic while acknowledging the atrocities of it. Some think that the comic often goes too far with it's gore and terror, and some just think Sangwoo is hot.

I mean so does Bum but you see how that worked out for him.

Many people have deemed this fandom one of the more toxic out there and you can see why. Sangwoo is a murderer who has killed his parents and many others, he is a rapist, you could say he technically also raped Bum because he was Sangwoo's captive and not in a position to really consent. This man is an all around psychopath, who manipulates Bum into thinking he cares when he reality he enjoys torturing him physically and mentally, and many people excuse his actions because of how hot they find him. They also fetishize his and Yoon Bum's relationship even though the word toxic can't even begin to describe it.

I mean it was doomed to be toxic from the start.

Many also think that Bum is just as bad as Sangwoo because he stalked Sangwoo and tried to break into his house and of course you question Bum's plan if that break-in was in fact successful. However, while it's clear that Bum has some issues of his own comparing him and Sangwoo is a moot point. Oh Sangwoo is, once again, a rapist and a serial killer who lures people to his basement then rapes and/or kills them.

He does this on a regular basis, he enjoys it, in fact there was a victim already in his basement when Bum was forced down there.

Yoon Bum is a clear victim in the situation and regardless of his clear mental illness he deserves so much more. As a child his parents died and custody of him was given to his uncle who was starving, physically abusing, and raping him, which attributes to his mental illness.

Killing Stalking is starting to get much more traction and attention because of the fact that there is an animation in the works currently for the show. Many fans think that an animation is only going to further the toxic nature of the fandom and the normalization of Sangwoo's horrendous actions as a result. Also making it into an animation exposes Killing Stalking to a whole new audience with the possibility of it being available on streaming services like CrunchyRoll, Funimation, Hulu, or even Netflix. This allows for more people to normalize, idolize, and adore Sangwoo, which is problematic.

This comic is beyond dark and disturbing but is also really interesting in a sick way. I am actually looking forward to the animation and seeing the story play out on screen, it's definitely not for the faint of heart and can be triggering depending on your life experiences but based on the comic I believe it's worth the watch.


Have you read Killing Stalking? What do you think about Yoon Bum and Oh Sangwoo's dynamic? Let us know! 

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